This is me on a sunny morning in January. My friend Hannah took it on a quick flyover from LA. I met Hannah years ago because of blogging under the header of All Buttoned Up. The fact that I’ve met many of our closest friends that way does not escape me. I am humbled and extraordinarily grateful. I am wearing my Saturday uniform. Just out of frame are 6 children: two I bore, two we adopted, and two we parent temporarily-indefinitely. There is also a dog annoying me with his heavy breathing and a partner with tired eyes who is struggling to get his head around the demands of the day.

I am a maturing homebody, a master of nearly no one and a writer with only words to my name. I used to blog about sewing and Mary Tyler Moore and hosting Family Suppers. I still do all of those things, just write about them less frequently. It now looks a little more like writing about Being a White Lady, my beautiful and complicated family, and the things I do to make sense of all of it– which may include (but is not limited to) sewing and Mary Tyler Moore and Family Suppers.